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Kids flock to the Wizard Station, drawn by its elegant design, engaging 3d menus and child friendly keyboard and mouse. If you want the absolute best early learning technology and software this is it. The interface is intuitive and easy for kids to explore by traditional keyboard and mouse or touch screen, or both at the same time. This product is configured with over 100 children's applications including award winning educational software and kid's 3d games.

The Wizard Station is an advanced all-in-one system with touch screen and kiosk mode support. There is no computer tower or desktop unit, the computer is built directly into the touch screen housing. This reduces the footprint size the unit takes up in a traditional computer corner and minimizes wiring and cords needed.

Extremely powerful, with the latest computer technology it is also a breeze to setup in just minutes. The Wizard Station keeps kids safe with advanced security and control options, including easy to restore system backups and child safe internet integration. All ready to go out-of-the-box!

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Wizard Station All-In-One PC
Wizard Station Kiosk Only Mode
Wizard Station profile view


Price Per Unit: $2900.00

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