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WizKidPC's trained technical staff is here to help you. If you are experiencing problems with your WizKidPC and need immediate assistance please call or email us.

If you have any technical questions or are inquiries about specifications please email us using the form below.

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3200 Broce Dr. #110, Norman OK 73072



Our business hours which include technical support are from 11am to 5pm CST, Monday through Friday. If you need assistance outside of those times of operation or we are unavailable please leave us a voice message or send us an email. Start with your name, organization and contact telephone or email. If you want us to contact you back by telephone please also leave an appropriate time to do so.

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Return Shipping

It is important that you do not return any products unless you have received a return confirmation from us. Returned products either for RMA or warranty repair may not be accepted unless we have issued a return confirmation. You must also properly package all return products so that they pass UPS's packaging guidelines and return all material requested for return in the return confirmation.

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