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The Magical Learning PC is any of our WizKidPC™ computer stations. One or more units together creates a Magical Learning Zone. Each computer is a specially configured hardware and software solution that is easy to for both child and administrator to use.

WizKidPC™ offers the latest technology and most affordable Early Learning Computer Solutions. Our systems are designed for home use, libraries, head start programs and elementary technology labs. That includes specialized input devices such as child ergonomic keyboards, mice and touch screens as well as an advanced group policy and easy to use administrator control. In just a couple of clicks the system can go from a system to meet Head Start and Preschool users to Library Mode, Elementary Mode or Daycare Mode.

Full Solution

The WizKidPC systems are a full, ready-to-go, out-of-the-box, solution for children technology areas and early learning computer labs. Everything is included and software is pre-loaded and configured to be ready to go as soon as the computer is turned on for the first time.

Administration options allow one click configuration for different kiosk environments, such as:

Ease of Use

We realize that many of our customers are not computer technicians, so the computer stations are designed to be extremely easy to setup and administrate. Even experienced IT staff will find it refreshing to have to worry about the hassle of locking down, securing and managing backups with these systems, all that is already taken care of. The most advanced thing an operate might need to do is configure the systems for Internet (if they choose to connect online.)

Setup only takes a few minutes and there is a step by step instruction manual to help one through this process. No registration or account configuration required. You can tweak the settings and even brand the menu screen with your school or library's name.

Kid's Apps & Software

Each of the WizKidPC stations is bundled with the same suite of more than 100 educational software and kid's games. These titles include award winning programs from leading developers as well as new exciting programs that make use of new computer graphics and technologies. Each children's program is categorized by type, age and genre and can be changed by the administrator. Student can also be assigned their own individual list of programs and have tasks set and monitored, depending on the selected mode.

Categories include:

It is also possible to install and add your own Windows based programs to the list of available programs.

Security & Privacy

Security is important for both online and offline, so each system is secured with advanced encryption methods as well as student profiles and administration.

Internet access is optional, but if activated we have partnered with Junior Browser. Junior Browser is a leading developer in child safe internet browsing. is another of our partners who manage a huge database of filtered websites and offer privacy screen and ad blocking. These security and privacy features are free with our products and do not require a subscription fee, unlike similar services offered by other companies.

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