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WizKidPC for Elementary School

The WizKidPC™ makes an ideal solution for elementary school computer labs. The Magical Learning PC is a modern computer system with up to date technologies and software. The system configuration is hardened using both group policy and advanced administrative settings to make it easier to use and safer.

The child friendly keyboard, mouse and software solution make if ideal for young children from Kindergarten through 3rd grade to begin learning how to use a computer. Application and by category advancement can be recorded and monitored for each student and entire class.

For more advanced computer lab exercises there is a virtual emulator so students can learn advanced computing techniques without sacrificing system integrity and security.

We have partnered with Junior Browser to offer a child friendly and safe browser if you choose to include Internet studies and access. If you wish to use Windows 10 Internet Explorer or another main stream browser we have also included Ad and Site filtering with blocking. Part of even the offline applications include Internet Safety progams and studies.

Public vs Private Schools

Public schools are allowed to order from WizKidPC using purchase orders under net 30 terms. Unfortunately we no longer offer purchase orders for private schools and charter schools who must order using either check or credit card.

Find out more why WizKidPC is the perfect solution for your kindergarten and elementary school computer lab by contacting us below.

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