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WizKidPC for Head Start

Our most important goal at WizKidPC was to create an ideal solution for Early Learning system for Head Start programs. Most of the primary domains are covered through award winning software and our partners specially developed applications. Our early learning systems are also specially designed to be ergonomic for younger children, by including a child usable mouse and specialized keyboard. The Wizard Station also includes an advanced touch screen interface that works in parallel with the keyboard and mouse and the child can switch between the two at any time.

Head Start Apps and Software

Head Start domains covered through in our Magical Learning Zone package includes:

Head Start Funding

We understand Head Start funding is difficult, with a minimum allowance per child, so please contact us regarding special Head Start rates and options.

If you need more information on how WizKidPC and our Magical Learning PC can help with your Head Start program give us a call or send us an email below.

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